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The world's largest professional civilian jet aerobatic team - the Breitling replica Jet team will open the first US tour. This elite fleet by seven Czech-made L-39C Albatross (L-39C Albatros) consisting of a two-seat jet trainer aircraft, flying at speeds up to 700 km / h (435 mph), had already 36 countries worldwide complete flight demonstrations.

Breitling Jets had just successfully completed the European tour, leap Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France, Britain and Poland. In coming to an end in 2014, this formation has experienced many worthy and commendable breakdown highlight moments. For example, the first time the ILA Berlin Air Show, which is a very rare honor for a civilian for the Jets; Again cooperate with the Italian National Frecce Tricolori, support for the promotion of peace and respect for human rights Breitling replica watches "Fly for Peace" (peace and flying) framework Programme; also with the British Royal Air Force replica breitling red Arrows formation flying together to celebrate its 50th anniversary. 2012 "Asian Tour", the Breitling Jets leap Russia, China, Southeast Asia, Korea and Japan, with a total mileage of more than 45,000 sailing kilometers (28,000 miles).

December 9, 2014, the International breitling replica Council of flight performance (International Council of Air Shows) will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, then, the Breitling Jet aerobatic team will announce specific plans to tour the United States in 2015.

Breitling movement

Set the speed, precision and courage in one, Breitling Jets stunt team spirit is the perfect spokesperson for the brand. Breitling since 1884 inception, the aviation industry has established a close partnership with the famous Onboard chronograph during World War II has been equipped with a propeller fighter pilot. In 1952, the birth Breitling replica watches making partnership between the two closer together. Navitimer Breitling chronograph is equipped with a unique circular flight slider swiss movement, known as breitling replica "air machine" that can carry out various operations required for flight. Breitling passion for aviation career has been tradition for over 60 years, is the world's mechanical chronograph deserved veteran elite. In addition, the brand in the forefront of electronic technology has made many achievements, developed a variety of innovative devices pilots, such as Breitling Emergency, is the world's first dual-band watch emergency locator beacon.