About US

Breitling Watch House is China's largest watch visited websites, as of July 2013, the number of unique users of 147,000 in a single day, a single day reached 1.72 million page views. Effective over 300,000 registered users.

Breitling Watch home for the majority of consumers watch, lovers watch the news, the major brand's history, watch information, Buyer's Guide, distributors, service providers and other related services Yellow Pages. China's most valuable Internet media watch, the best platform for people who love the table.

Breitling Watch each house included a watch have left a user to express their personal preferences, opinions and comments function to collect the main table, potential buyers of sound, to create the country's largest professional watch exchange platform. Help users complete the "watch", "love the table," "election watch" to "buy list", "sun table" full demand.