Breitling Emergency Replica Watches

Emergency watches can be widely used in emergency aviation, submarine sea, mountain climbing and adventure activities, so that rescuers can promptly determine the location of the object in distress. Emergency watches waterproof bottom of the table with a miniature transmitter in the temperature range of -20 ~ -100, can the second pulse signal to 121.5 cents per minute Hz frequency issue. Emergency can be widely used up to about 160 km, continuous working time of up to 20-28 days.

Cockpit Lady Breitling watches for women Oriental ladies wear, watches and lightweight design with superior function watch, revealing both rigid female side. Breitling men's watch with the functionality and usability of these styles of watches can be widely used in aviation, marine, navigation and diving industry, and is suitable for outdoor activities like Eastern men.

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Breitling launched a deep dive Seawolf Chronograph series of unique models - Black Steel Limited Edition (Avenger Seawolf Chrono Blacksteel). Here, black is the same tone, but also the color of the deep sea. After carbon nitride treated stainless steel case, is an extremely hard material; watch equipped with unidirectional rotating bezel, oversized screw-lock crown and non-slip buttons, dial background with white luminescent hands, the timescale and in stark contrast to the red accumulator. Dive Seawolf Chronograph unique appearance, professional, full of strength, no doubt is the best choice for diving watch. But the biggest highlight of the "Black Steel" is hidden inside the case: magnetic button system. The system is a unique patented Breitling, so the control device via a metal shell drive, thus preventing direct contact with the buttons and movement. Thus, while most of the timer can not be used when diving, but dive Seawolf Chronograph Series is the only instrument available freely at 1000 meters (3,330 feet / 30 bar) operating depths, far from the other watch can.